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Know Barista

Artificial Intelligence + Technology Aesthetics + The Art of Coffee
Reproduces stunning latte art coffee with the skills of a professional barista, in 90 seconds

  • Home-grown inbot OS capable of intelligent learning
  • Fine-tuning by master roasters
  • Carefully selected top-tier coffee beans
  • A built-in Eversys coffee machine from Switzerland

An intelligent learning system for exact reproduction

The movements and skills of great latte artists are exactly copied to bring you a beautiful cup of latte art coffee, in just 90 seconds.

The exact reproduction is made possible by inBot OS intelligent learning system, which has integrated vision-guided robotic arms, motion control algorithms, and a perception and decision-making system.

The system also provides an intelligent demonstration and teaching system, a remote backend monitoring system, and a host of AI APIs. The inBot OS has now been used in coffee-making robots and cooking robots, and has delivered an excellent user experience.

Triple protection to ensure food safety

We adopt a fully automated high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning method, and our in-house milk storage solution, to ensure food safety in an unmanned environment.

6-axis robotic hands with an incredible accuracy of ±0.1 mm

Know has reached a strategic partnership with the Danish company Universal Robots. The collaboration has allowed the two UR robotic arms, controlled by our inBot OS, to achieve repeated positioning at an accuracy of ±0.1 mm. The 6 turning joints enable the robotic arms to rotate 360 degrees, and therefore simulate the hands of a professional barista to easily complete a series of coffee-making operations that require high precision, such as frothing milk, and making latte art with both hands. The robot now supports more than 10 latte art designs, including a leaf, a tree, and a swan. The number of supported designs can be expanded and updated online.

A highly efficient and smart management system dramatically reduces your operating costs

The system supports real-time monitoring of the robot’s status, one- button recovery from failures, display of the remaining materials, and warnings of material shortages. It also supports the updating of beverages and software via OTA, as well as an operation management module to collect and process order information and other commonly used data. Labor costs are significantly reduced: Order Taker: 4,000 RMB/Month, Cashier: 5,000 RMB/Month, Barista: 10,000 RMB/Month. Cutting the listed costs alone can help your business save nearly 230,000 RMB a year, not to mention innumerable indirect costs arising from activities such as staff recruitment and management. Business risks are drastically reduced and operators freed from their day-to-day laborious work.

Futuristic tech makes it naturally in style

The robot’s appearance oozes creativity and class; its futuristic robotic arms move in an elegant path, and no human intervention is needed in the whole coffee-making process. A true attention-grabber no matter where it is.

Material replenishment in 5 minutes

The robot adopts a modular design to achieve efficient operation and maintenance. A simple training course is all you need to complete the replenishment task within 5 minutes.

Hot latte with heart latte art

Hot latte with swan latte art

Iced latte

Hot latte with tulip latte art

Hot latte with leaf latte art

Iced americano

Freshly ground specialty coffee

We select first-class arabica coffee beans and premium milk, and use our inBot OS to reproduce the exact craftsmanship of coffee-making masters. The end result is specialty coffee that is finely ground and excellent in taste.

Supports various flavors and customization

The robot can make various types of coffee including the americano, latte, and cappuccino. You can also choose between a hot coffee and a cold brew, as well as your favorite latte art design.

Duan Zheng / Know Coffee Roasting Instructor
Coffee Roasting Master Duan Zheng roasts his coffee beans light to keep their original flavour
  • Pioneer of Beijing’s first wave of specialty coffee shops in 2013
  • 2015 Beijing Brewers Cup Champion
  • 2016/2018 WCRC Qualification China First Prize Winner
  • In search of premium coffee beans around the world 100,000+ followers
  • Top-ranked coffee shop on Weidian (YouShop)
Mao Haoyue / Know Coffee Latte Art Instructor
Great Latte Artist Mao Haoyue performs perfect mixture of coffee and milk to deliver a rich flavor for your palate
  • Examiner of the China Barista Skills Competition
  • Judge of the China Barista Skills Competition
  • Judge of the Black Cup International Coffee Master Competition
  • Certified judge of the PCA Latte Art Competition
  • Judge of the Nestle Professional Latte Art Competition
  • Special Guest for the 2019 World Latte Art Champions All-Star Show
  • Best Latte Designer of the 2019 PCA All-Star Competition

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