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Know Chef Robot

Your private Michelin-Starred chef, fully-automated cooking with the skill and flair of a culinary expert.

Know Chef Robot is a smart kitchen appliance intended for domestic use. Powered by Know’s self- developed inBot OS, which controls the robotic arms and other smart kitchen appliances, the fully-automated cooking robot is able to reproduce pre-loaded, well-chosen recipes exactly as a master chef would have cooked them, right at your home.

Artificial intelligence + Technology aesthetics

Designed by a team that has won the German Red Dot Award, Know Chef Robot features both a minimalist Nordic design and the aesthetics of Japanese interior design. It is equipped with retractable arms and combines technology and humanization, to create a stunning, new smart kitchen appliance with supreme taste, just for you.

Replicates the cooking skills of master chefs

The ingredients are carefully selected and all cooking details are fine tuned by master chefs. Then, cooking techniques are digitized and imported into the robot, and deep learning is employed to recognize the ingredients and kitchen utensils. This, combined with AI technologies such as object tracking and path planning, allows the robot to reproduce cooking skills possessed only by master chefs.

One Kitchen, Two Modes

Automated cooking mode

All you need to do is unpack the ingredients and place them in the designated area on the kitchen table, and leave the rest to the robot, which can recognize and pick them, and control other kitchen appliances to replicate the cooking skills of master chefs. No human assistance is required!

Human-Robot collaboration mode

This mode presents you with an interactive visual system where you will find all the cooking instructions required to make dishes on par with those cooked by culinary professionals.

Visual interaction, easy-to-use

The robot’s smart projection feature, combined with a large screen, and lighting and sound effects, allows you to easily order, add ingredients, and cook. It gives you a real-time overview of the cooking process, with no training required.

Perception & decision-making system

Our perception and decision-making system has successfully tackled challenging problems such as how to operate in a complex kitchen environment, the requirement for highly precise robotic operations, and a complicated decision-making logic.

Accurate image recognition

We have applied deep learning to the kitchen scenario. For example, computer vision technologies such as image recognition, object segmentation and tracking, are adopted to obtain accurate 3D information of the ingredients, kitchenware, and the operating environment, which can then be utilized by the robotic arms to pick ingredients, avoid obstacles, and move around.

Smart motion planning

The path planning algorithm developed by Know is able to dynamically plan a motion path for the robotic arms based on the real-time position of ingredients, tableware, and kitchen utensils. The algorithm, coupled with strength control, allows the robotic arms to accurately pick up items and avoid obstacles, thus realizing full smart movement and autonomous decision-making.

Safety protection

Multiple protection measures are provided to ensure a safe, reliable operating environment. When cooking, the robot can efficiently detect foreign objects in real time, and stop its operations when necessary, to ensure the safety of both people and itself.

A smart kitchen constantly being updated

Constant development and updating of the recipes
Empowered by our learning system, the smart kitchen robot can accurately reproduce the movements and cooking skills of master chefs, and quickly learn to make dishes using various cooking methods such as frying, roasting, boiling, and baking. The collection of recipes is under constant expansion and development.

OTA Upgrade
The whole smart kitchen set supports remote OTA software upgrades. When a system update notification appears, users can operate and update their devices to receive new recipes, and enjoy our continuous upgrade services.

Wang Bin

Know Star Chef, Cooking Experimenting and Teaching

  • Executive Chef, Michelin-starred Restaurant THE Georg
  • HOFEX 2013 Hong Kong Global Gourmet Competition Gold Prize Winner
  • Le Cordon Bleu 2019 Global Gourmet Chef Par Excellence (Culinary Competition Champion)
  • Part of the preparation and production team for a private banquet at the Peninsula Palace Hotel Beijing

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